STR Dynamic Pricing Strategies

STR Dynamic Pricing Strategies One price does not fit all dates and circumstances The VMG Service Difference: We can help you to determine the optimum nightly rate for your property and to make the necessary adjustments dynamically to maximize your earning potential if that’s your goal.  On the other hand, if your goal is centered … Read more


Housekeeping is a Guest Experience It pays to have people properly trained when it comes to STR housekeeping The VMG Service Difference: Operating a Short Term Vacation Rental is a hospitality business.  This means to maximize your earning potential, your goal should be to deliver an experience for your guests.  Rule 1 in doing so: … Read more

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance When things break (and they do) you need a quick and complete response The VMG Service Difference: The beautiful thing about short term rentals is that there is time between guests to make sure everything is functioning and to perform periodic maintenance.  We can help you think about those elements for your property and … Read more

Customer Support

Customer Support VMG supports you, your guests, and your property The VMG Service Difference: Guests today like to have the positive experiences associated with a well-run hotel – a 24/7 feel – in addition to the expectation of a personal relationship traditionally attached to short term rental experience. They like to have access to the … Read more

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Comprehensive marketing know-how is more than just posting a property The VMG Service Difference: After determining what segment the property is intended to serve, we then have to think about how to get the property in front of that customer base.  If we’re interested in attracting vacationers we might advertise our property on … Read more


Setup Your STR Property for Both Appeal and Functionality It has to look great and be a comfortable fit too The VMG Service Difference: Not all property management services are the same. Property Management services that specialize in long term rentals are focused differently than we are. One area an owner has to think about … Read more