Housekeeping is a Guest Experience

It pays to have people properly trained when it comes to STR housekeeping

The VMG Service Difference:

Operating a Short Term Vacation Rental is a hospitality business.  This means to maximize your earning potential, your goal should be to deliver an experience for your guests.  Rule 1 in doing so: deliver a spotless home.  We can help you develop the processes to be on point every time and for every guest.

It’s Important to me, why?

We believe that housekeeping is the single most important component of a short term rental business.  Many first time STR owners believe they know and understand this component – we find there is always room for improvement.  We help you develop a process approach that guarantees this is right every time!

How does it benefit me?

Let’s list some of the benefits VMG’s Property Setup Service provides Property Owners

  1.  Avoids the pitfalls of housekeeping glitches
  2.  Standardizes an approach with checks and quality assurance
  3.  Elevates your property above your competition
  4.  Provides well tested gold standard practices and techniques