Customer Support

VMG supports you, your guests, and your property

The VMG Service Difference:

Guests today like to have the positive experiences associated with a well-run hotel – a 24/7 feel – in addition to the expectation of a personal relationship traditionally attached to short term rental experience. They like to have access to the property whenever they arrive rather than a pre designated time based on a check in window. So while they value a self check in arrangement, it’s important to manage access to the door in order to know who is coming and going into the property. VMG Rentals can completely handle this for you.

Customer support also involves communication with prospective guests who are using the various properties, advertising platforms to book your property, rate your property, and respond to customer requests, etc.  We can help manage this process for you to keep the highest level of service available anywhere.

It’s Important to me, why?

Its important to balance a positive customer experience and positive control of who enters your property for safety and peace of mind.  It is also important to integrate bookings with door access schedules so you are spending less time managing and more time doing other things.  This requires a seamless integration of several moving parts in order to make that happen smoothly. VMG Rentals can completely set up and manage the entire integrated process for you.

How does it benefit me?

Let’s list some of the benefits VMG’s Property Setup Service provides Property Owners

  1. Seamless end-to-end management of guest support through their entire experience
  2. Personalized communications with the guests
  3. Setup and management of automated entry and security systems
  4. Ongoing post-stay communications with guests which leads to better reviews and more return guests