Setup Your STR Property for Both Appeal and Functionality

It has to look great and be a comfortable fit too

The VMG Service Difference:

Not all property management services are the same. Property Management services that specialize in long term rentals are focused differently than we are. One area an owner has to think about is “Who do we want to serve”? It’s an important question because it sets the stage for how the property is set up. If we intend to target families we should appeal to families by thinking about their needs. Safe areas to entertain children and baby equipment might be helpful to provide and highlight when advertising to this demographic. Business people on the other hand might prefer an available office. The overall success of the STR in terms of happy guests, great reviews and great occupancy rates depends on getting this right. We help our property owners focus in on all these details.


It’s Important to me, why?

This becomes important for your bottom line. Having an attractive property to the demographic you’re reaching can result in higher occupancy rates. And as mentioned above, when the property functions as if the guests themselves had set it up, you have happy guests, repeat guests, great reviews and higher occupancy rates.


How does it benefit me?

Let’s list some of the benefits VMG’s Property Setup Service provides Property Owners

  1. Focuses you on a specific guest niche which trickles down to all aspects of STR Property Management
  2. Appearance appeals visually to the prospective guest and matches their goals which can lead to more reservations
  3. Guests find everything they need during their stay creating many grateful-surprise moments during their stay leading to greater satisfaction levels
  4. Guests find it easy to navigate throughout your property which can lead to higher satisfaction and positive guest reviews