Busy Owner with an interest in STR

Not enough time to explore the idea

Property Details

The who-what-where




Mike M.


Northwest Heights

Concerns and goals of the property owners

Mike was interested in investing in a Short Term Rental but had little time to research the idea–let alone set it up and operate it.  He liked the idea of having a place to put up family and friends visiting Albuquerque and suspected one of his properties would do well.  Mike needed a little help looking at the feasibility of his idea.

The lay of the land

Mike’s property is conveniently located in west Albuquerque on the 14th hole of the beutiful Ladera golf course.  It is a 2-story townhouse featuring 2 bedrooms upstairs and the master downstairs and 2 full bathrooms.  The property is a townhouse near numerous restaurants and shopping.  Vacationers can easily commute to the city’s most popular destinations including the Albuquerque Convention Center, Balloon Fiesta Park treasured Petroglyph National Park – all inside of 10 to 25 minutes.

Though situated in an ideal location, the property was built in the mid 70’s, the property challenges were that it needed minor improvements to give it a new, fresh look.  The stone fire place felt like an old cabin and the walls desperately needed a fresh coat of paint.

The how’s make all the difference

Because occupancy rates depend on property presentation online, VMG helped Mike focus on this information.  VMG’s recommendations included updating with a fresh coat of paint throughout the interior of the house, and improvements for a more updated look.   VMG guided the owner through determining the right amounts of bedding, towel sets and dinner place settings based on the number of people the house would host.  VMG developed an online presentation of the property by writing a property description and making recommendations for listing sites.  VMG arranged for a professional photographer session and set up all necessary integrations to effectively manage an STR such as door management and a 24/7 customer support operation to answer inquiries and booking questions.

The goals reached and problems overcome

The property quickly booked and has become one of the busiest properties within a 5 mile radius.  In 2020, the property maintained over 80% occupancy rates!

VMG’s Concluding Remarks

Why VMG made all the difference in the world (and the request for your business)

STR’s are suitable for many scenarios.  Setting up and managing a STR can be time consuming.  Whether you need a little coaching or help with the end-to-end process of offering, managing and caring for your property, VMG can help!

If you have a property you would like VMG to consider developing and managing, or if you are considering buying a new short term rental property, please call VMG today at (505) 372-4778.