Property Maintenance

When things break (and they do) you need a quick and complete response

The VMG Service Difference:

The beautiful thing about short term rentals is that there is time between guests to make sure everything is functioning and to perform periodic maintenance.  We can help you think about those elements for your property and develop a schedule to ensure they are completed and accomplished well.

It’s Important to me, why?

Equipment will fail and usually without notice.  But many things can be set to perform periodic inspections to give you the knowledge and comfort that you’re proactively doing all you can to ensure your home is well maintained, and the comfort of your guests is without compromise.

How does it benefit me?

Let’s list some of the benefits VMG’s Property Setup Service provides Property Owners

  1. Knowledge that your property is being maintained through scheduled inspection of the property
  2. Peace of mind that someone will respond to the needs of a guest should equipment fail
  3. Coordinate and schedule more extensive technical support should the problem require it
  4. Maintain a record of periodic maintenance performed on the property