A Nostalgic Return to Albuquerque

Why Pay to Stay?

Property Details

The who-what-where



Casa Alegre


Bob & Virginia


Northwest Heights

Concerns and goals of the property owners

Bob and Virginia are retired and live most of the year in New Hampshire. In 2020, they booked a few months in Albuquerque to get away from the cold weather. A few months turned into several as the pandemic brought travel to a halt. In the months that followed, Bob and Virginia began thinking of the possibility of owning their own Duke City property and began exploring options to make this happen. Was there a way to have a place always ready for their annual pilgrimage to the Land of Enchantment, professionally cared for, and that covered all their annual costs to operate?

The lay of the land

Bob and Virginia found and selected a property on Albuquerque’s west side. The one-story property featured 3 bedrooms, 2 baths perfectly nestled within minutes from the treasured Petroglyph National Monument and the beautiful Ladera Golf Course. Realizing interior charm alone would not be enough to make a perfect vacation rental, Bob and Virginia were delighted to learn the property also had a lovely outdoor space perfect for dining and year round enjoyment.

Bob and Virginia developed quite the appetite for color and flare through their world travels and they wanted their place to reflect that. They also needed property improvements to make their personal visits more enjoyable all while equipping the property to be a perfect vacation rental property. Balancing personal taste with hospitality business sense has its challenges!

The how’s make all the difference

VMG Rentals consulted with Bob and Virginia and helped them come up with a design plan to both capture their personal taste for décor as well as locate local contractors to make the property improvements needed to accommodate their visits while also keeping in mind the functionality for a vacation rental. VMG made recommendations regarding the furnishings, bedding, linens, kitchen supplies and dinner settings all based on comfortably hosting the number of guests the property owners envisioned for their property.

The goals reached and problems overcome

Bob and Virginia now have a highly sought after, fully managed short term rental property with over 60% occupancy for the dates their vacation home is not occupied by them.

VMG’s Concluding Remarks

Why VMG made all the difference in the world (and the request for your business)

Thanks to VMG’s experience in developing and managing profitable short term rental properties, Bob and Virginia are able to realize their vision of having their very own personalized winter home almost entirely funded by the residual income generated during the months they don’t use it.

If you have a property you would like VMG to consider developing and managing, or if you are considering buying a new short term rental property, please call VMG today at (505) 372-4778.