Our Team


We have a heart for hospitality

Eloy-managing director

Eloy Gonzales

Managing Director

A 25 year retired Air Force veteran with a heart for service – a fundamental character needed in the hospitality business.  Eloy has started up and offered short term rental properties since 2015 with 99% of his reviews (over 300) a 5 star rating.

Denesa hospitality director

Denesa Gonzales

Director of Hospitality

A 28-year Air Force veteran. Denesa understands team leadership to deliver excellence.  Denesa oversees all aspects of initial preparation and continued operations of each property. 


Marie Taffoya
Lead Inspector

Quality Control

Our inspection team is our eyes in the field.  Every property owner and guest relies on the work of our inspectors.  Marie oversees training and provides critical feedback to our management team to ensure the work is done right – every time!


Dave Koester

Director of Maintenance

A seasoned US Air Force veteran accustomed to planning and managing aircraft maintenance of dozens of aircraft, Dave is well suited for overseeing the periodic maintenance schedules that keep things ticking along in the vacation rental business. 


Rebecca Hollingshead-Gonzales

Director of Housekeeping

Nothing is more important to our business, and our customers, than the preparation and cleanliness of our properties.  Rebecca oversees each and every detail about schedules and the right people to deliver a consistent, high quality housekeeping service.


Tony Minter

Customer Communications

The details of operating short-term rentals are …shall we suggest, riddled with every conceivable variation of how far, how much or where is the best place?  Not for the faint of heart for sure!  Tony handles all customer communications, cool as a cucumber. 

Consultant Support

822 Known, LLC

Website and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

822 Known, LLC created and maintains the VMG Vacation Rentals website. Additionally, we employ them to optimize your Vacation Short Term Rental property’s website pages, advertising pages and social presence for increased traffic from the various search engines. It is commonly called search engine optimization or SEO. The benefit of taking that extra step is more property viewings from potential guests who are searching the internet for your particular type of property.