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A Nostalgic Return to Albuquerque
Elonn needed improved performance
Busy Owner with an interest in STR
DJ & Margaret Wanted to Travel


Bob & Virginia New Possibilities

We experienced such exceptional service with VMG Rentals a year ago, you could even say it changed our lives all for the better. We enjoyed our first visit to Bear House so much we kept asking Eloy Gonzales if we could buy it from him! That turned out to be the seed for a project we had never considered but now are absolutely delighted to see come to fruition. The assistance with this from VMG, Eloy and his staff, has been exceptional in every detail.

From the beginning of our rental of Bear House for a few months we were deeply impressed with the Customer Support, from reservation online to the day-to-day operation of the house. We loved the décor of the house, enjoyed all of its touches. The quality of the housekeeping and maintenance further impressed us favorably.

Through discussions with Eloy, we began to consider a partnership with VMG to undertake ourselves owning a STR (Short Term Rental) under the guidance and maintenance of VMG. COVID saw us extending our stay in Albuquerque until returning home to New England in mid-June. Over the next few months the seed idea began to develop and by March of this year we owned a suitable property in Albuquerque and are now about to open it to STR. We would never have been able to do this on our own, or even with the help of a few friends. We could not have considered undertaking such a project without the expertise and experience of VMG.

Margaret & DJ Travel Opportunities

Eloy and his team are great. They came highly recommended and we understand why. He showed us how vacation rentals work, how to stage our house for the most income, and provided us with numbers which helped us decide what is best for us. Hiring VMG gave us the opportunity to travel for 9 months out of the year! We highly recommend Eloy and his team.

Mike Mahoric Increased Revenue

Eloy and his team at VMG Rentals have created a great partnership and have turned our property into a high revenue generating business. Their expertise and ideas of setting up the property, focus on marketing as well as the the customer engagement and service they have provided the tenants as well as myself has been a truly a great experience.

Kyle Ertler Needed an STR PM

When it comes to property management, I'm particular! I have managed my own properties and set up systems for 100% remote management to ensure success and profitability of the property. I've typically not done this by choice as it is hard to find a management company that you can trust, especially in the vacation rental arena. Immediately when talking with Eloy Gonzales, who is the owner of VMG rentals, I knew this was going to be a great fit and they have done nothing but over perform and provide incredible value and a family feel to the relationship. They look to create solid repeatable systems that ensure our property is taken care of as much as creating a high-end guest experience that drives clients back to VMG. I plan on working with VMG for years to come. The only choice in the Albuquerque area as other large operators are trying to reach into the vacation rental management market do not have the right mindset.

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